Areas of Activity

Corporate Law

Tanriöver Law Firm offers a full range of legal services covering all aspects of corporate governance and prides itself on providing timely and high quality assistance to its clients, both domestic and foreign.

The services our firm provides include:

  • Establishment of all corporate business forms, liaison offices, and branches
  • Advising on foreign direct investment and corporate management issues
  • Restructuring of foreign investment companies, including transfer of shares between local and foreign shareholders, and increasing registered capital
  • Drafting shareholder agreements
  • Arranging general assemblies of shareholders, representing clients before the general assemblies, and drafting board resolutions and amendments to articles of association
  • Providing proxy services and preparing signature circulars
  • Guiding clients through all related notarization and trade registry procedures
  • Assisting clients during winding-up, bankruptcy, or liquidation proceedings

Contract Law

Contracts are an indispensable part of today’s commercial life, and well-drafted and properly executed contracts can be life-savers. Globalization and the rise in cross-border commercial transactions have resulted in an increase in the quantity and variety of contracts concluded. Tanriöver Law Firm meets every aspect of its clients’ contract law needs, whether standard or specific contracts, and offers extensive experience in contract drafting and revision, including:

  • Advertisement, production, and barter contracts
  • Contracts relating to the international sale of goods
  • License, distribution, and franchise contracts
  • Employment agreements
  • Share purchase, shareholder, and call option agreements
  • Manufacturing and supply agreements

Competition Law

Tanriöver Law Firm advises companies on Turkish competition law in order to give them a clear understanding of the competition law environment and permit them to take necessary precautions with respect to vertical and horizontal competition requirements. Our firm provides legal opinions on every aspect of competition law, and our legal solutions are business-based and fully compliant with applicable legislation.

Our consulting services include:

  • Making required applications to obtain exemptions and clearances from the Turkish Competition Board
  • Reviewing and revising contracts to be executed between the parties to M&A transactions for compliance with Turkish competition legislation
  • Assisting clients on parallel imports
  • Advising on issues such as the abuse of dominant market positions, concerted practices, cartel agreements, and price fixing

Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

With the increasing importance of intellectual property law, both foreign and domestic companies and individuals find themselves more and more in need of legal assistance with every aspect of intellectual property. Tanriöver Law Firm has considerable experience in intellectual property law and has advised some of the largest advertising firms and film and media production and entertainment companies in Turkey. Among the services our firm provides:

  • Assisting, advising, representing and acting as counsel on behalf of companies in relation to intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights and protection of computer software under Turkish law and international treaties
  • Advising on the protection, licensing, and transfer of copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial designs, domain names, trade secrets and know-how
  • Negotiating and drafting all types of intellectual property agreements, including licensing and transfer agreements for copyrights, registered trademarks, and patents, technical assistance, information technology, and technology transfer agreements, and distribution, management and franchising agreements in general
  • Advising on all aspects of television broadcasting law and corporate law as applied to television broadcasting companies
  • Litigation regarding unfair competition, imitative product and other relevant issues

Labor Law

Labor law is an crucial component of commercial law, and Tanriöver Law Firm provides a full range of services in this field.

  • Advising on employment law problems, conducting litigation, drafting and terminating employment agreements
  • Adapting foreign clients’ proprietary employment agreements to meet the requirements of Turkish law
  • Advising on HR problems
  • Providing consulting services to HR departments of clients involved in M&A transactions
  • Obtaining residence and work permits for foreign employees of local companies or local branches of foreign companies

Real Estate Law
Our law firm offers all kind of services regarding Real Estate Law including the service below,

  • • Construction agreements on flat for land basis
  • Construction agreement with portion of income
  • Disputes arising from Construction Law
  • Cases regarding the determination of the expropriation price and cases regardingthe registration of the immovable on behalf of the government
  • Cases regarding the cancellation of the expropriation
  • Cases regarding the enhancement of expropriation price
  • Action for damages regarding confiscating without expropriating
  • Cases regarding cancellation of the land title and land registry
  • Actio negatoria in rem and cases regarding adequate pay
  • Cases regarding elimination of joint ownership
  • Cases regarding pre-emption
  • Legal and administrative cases arising from Construction Law numbered 3194
  • Cases arising from the inheritance law (determination of inheritance, reduction, etc)
  • Preliminary sales contracts and relevant cases
  • Land cancellation, land registration cases and action of debts regarding foreigners who meet rule of reciprocity in accordance with Article 35 of the Land Register Law.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In recent years, Turkey has become a favorite destination for foreign investment, and the need for professional legal advice to accomplish M&A transactions has grown day by day. Therefore, our firm provides its clients with a strong and experienced M&A staff which has participated in numerous M&A transactions. During such transactions, our firm:

  • Conducts legal due diligence investigations and prepares reports
  • Drafts share purchase agreements and shareholders agreements
  • Assists clients in contract negotiation
  • Prepares escrow agreements
  • Forms joint ventures

Litigation / Dispute Resolution / Debt Collection

Tanriöver Law Firm provides legal services in all manner of disputes before Turkish courts and representation in proceedings of every kind. Our attorneys help clients formulate commercial litigation strategies, assembling and analyzing evidence and taking the case to trial.

We also advise clients on structuring alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (within Turkey or abroad) and provide them with risk mitigation strategies during negotiations.

Our litigation practice focuses on matters involving turnkey contracts, construction disputes, claims and disputes in projects, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder conflicts, bankruptcy, product liability, employment disputes, public and administrative law matters, and enforcement of arbitral awards and foreign court decisions.

Debt collection is a part of our litigation services. Our firm provides advice and conducts litigation to collect receivables due.